Friday, June 03, 2005

Forget about Baby Einstein...

All 5 of us are at a restaurant, with my parents. It's hard to follow the conversation of everyone with all the noise & all the different conversations.

The eldest daughter is sitting (far) across from me, and I hear her say something with the number '5.'

My son, 4 years old, hears the '5' and says "Zero is when you have nothing, & 5 is when you have something."

I reply, "Yes, on your birthday, you will have 5 years!"

He replies, "And when I am dead, I will be zero again, & have nothing."

*silence as I try to gather myself & act natural*

"Yes, I guess that's right" I say, even though I am mortified at the concept of his death & at the same time struck by how philosophical he is...

Hubby's comment: "No more Baby Nietzsche for him."
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