Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Set Up:

Eldest child, who shall not be able to live on her own, brought home an assignment -- homework for both of us. We were to discuss & write our comments on what is love, how is it different from infatuation etc. Now, mind you, my daughter has the emotional age of approximately 5 years of age. Her body is 15, complete with hormones & menstruation. Her mind, struggles with learning disabilities, but she is too high in IQ to be called 'retarded.' So she is expected (by those that claim to know) to finish this homework.. Which means I am expected to do so. So we struggled through, as best we could.

Page 3 has more difficult questions: What changes when a person becomes a parent?

My reply: Everything.

She laughs.

I am serious.

I call the hubby in for backup. He agrees. But we cannot get her to understand.

Nor can I get her to even try to spell 'responsibility.' She keeps trying to make me spell it. Ironic, huh.
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