Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coloring For Grownups

Spending time with all three children can be difficult. We've got the age differences (5, 9 & 16), the abilitiy differences to pay attention (with the oldest), and then of course, the boy wants cars while the girls have limited interest in them (and he has a low tolerance for Bratz dolls and 'girl things'), so what do we do? Lots of crafts, and coloring.

To make it more interesting for myself, I like to title my 'art'.

The first captures my thoughts on medical care in this country, and is titled "My HMO"

The second, named for the way I colored it & hubby's reactions to it, is called "Flamboyant Aliens Take Our Hot Pants:

With this new trick, I know I'll enjoy coloring more *wink*
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