Thursday, June 14, 2007

13 Ways To Celebrate Summer Reading As A Family

Thirteen Things about Summer Reading As A Family

1) Book recycling. Take your used books and donate them to your local library' 'friends' for a fund raiser, and be sue to check out books on too -- letting the kids know the valuable services that libraries provide.

2) Book Cycling. Take books along on your next bike ride. Bike further than you usually do, stop under a tree and read. Refreshed, head back home again.

3) Lead Read and they will follow. Take a book along outside when you supervise the kids with the sprinkler etc. Let them see you reading.

4) Get, and display, Library Punk Stickers.

5) Book recycling plan B. Have your own used book sale (or rummage sale) as a family, then take your money and go buy books at the rummage sales of others. Discuss how a book is only not worth anything if it's never read.

6) Lead Read and they will follow part two: Participate in summer reading programs -- parents match the children in their reading, book for book.

7) Stay up late: Each family member who can read takes turns reading aloud to the rest of the family. Make sure to make time for the family to discuss the story with, questions such as "What do you think happens next?" and "What's your favorite part so far?"

8) Use sibling rivalry to your benefit: Let the child who has done their chores first, etc. be the one to pick the book you read out loud together as a family.

9) Siesta for the soul. Make the hour after lunch reading time. (No arguments on waiting for the dip in pool with this plan, cuz they are with the program. *wink*)

10) Stay up late -- and educate. Read aloud to your children from works they wouldn't/couldn't read themselves. (We did this last summer with Canterbury Tales, and the kids really liked it.) Be sure to stop as need to explain words etc. they might not understand.

11) Actually take your tree, flower, bird or other field identification guide out with you on your next walk or outing. Help the kids learn to use guides for identification. (If you don't have one, check rummage sales -- I'm always finding them for less than $1.)

12) Include your children's friends in your trips to the library.

13) Popsicles and Puppets. Give the kids a frozen treat while parents use puppets read stories. Invite the neighborhood kids too.

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