Monday, November 26, 2007

Wiki huh-yeah, What is it good for?

According to Adam Tornes at Compete's Blog anime outranks sex in Wiki searches.

Please note that the largest percentage, 28%, is for "General Research" which according to the author of the post is for news, current events and cultural phenomena. However, after that, the greatest interests deemed not news or current events are "sex" and "anime" (at least in April of 2007).

This is what Tornes has to say about these searches:
Anime (26%)
There is a tremendous amount of interest in learning about Pokemon and Naruto. Perhaps these are parents who want to know what their kids are going crazy over. My Mom didn’t know what “He-Man” was until I was a grown man reflecting on how silly Castle Grayskull was. My mom could have used Wikipedia in the 80’s.

Sex (16%)
What’s interesting about the top sex related terms on Wikipedia is that they do not appear to have gratuitous intent. The top terms include very straightforward inquiries on human reproductive ‘parts’ and basic concepts of what sex is and how it is performed. It appears many people are learning about what sex is and how to have it by referencing Wikipedia.
Since Wiki is not exactly scholarly, I sure hope folks aren't "learning about sex and how to have it by referencing" it.

Ditto for parents who think they'll learn about anime there -- once again, if there are references &/or warnings about hentai, I've not seen them; how many parents are also missing them?

Leading me to ask, a la Edwin Starr's song, War:

Wiki huh-yeah
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing
Say it again y'all
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