Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Are There Still Bargains At Goodwill?

I remember, in what now seems a lifetime ago, when I started selling on eBay, making the rounds at thrift stores -- especially when the summer ended, taking those yard sales with it. I always went to Goodwill last, and only when desperate for a fix, because it seemed too high-priced. And I never bothered with clothing there. Seems Miss Sniz is heading in that direction too.

I understand that thrift stores wan to turn a buck from their donated goods, so I accept the glass cases with antiques priced beyond my reach (and likely for more than I would have gotten on eBay too); but when clothes are priced too high, they really should reconsider...

Because when it comes to thrift shop clothing, the thrift shop customer is also part of the community they are serving -- and that's how those donate see what they are doing. If you price clothing too high, then what's the point?
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