Monday, February 18, 2008

A Tree Blooms In Fargo

In the middle of our harsh below-zero winter, my jasmine tree blooms.

Yes, it's indoors, but after leaving out very late this year I didn't think there was any hope of it returning this year.

Normally it resides outside, on the deck, and then is brought in after the first frost or two. This way the plant actually blooms inside, in winter, and fills our house with its pretty scent. This year, however, we neglected to do so and you can see the toll it took on the plant with all the dry scrubby dead branches.

The wonderful thing is that even with just 3 full flowers open, the scent of jasmine fills the bathroom.

It's definitely a living metaphor for 'against all odds'.

Now I have lots of pruning to do. *wink*
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