Friday, April 04, 2008

High-Five Fridays #12

1) Gracie's re-started her cult again.

These next few may seem to be a "downer", but that's only the case if you don't feel like respecting the honesty and truths which they bring...

2) Bunny's sobering post, Food Is Not A Bad Thing:
Have you ever stood by and watched someone die and not done a damn thing to stop it?

I have. It makes you feel like shit. I won't do that again.
3) Sarah Lynn's honesty regarding her marital communication requires some thought... There's no quote to grab here because it's a process, you know; so read it.

4) Suzy writes What You Just Can't See, which contains an honest truth regarding special needs parenting:
I have been through this grief before. I know that it will fade, and when it does I will feel whole again. And because I know that you can’t mother this way, or live fully this way- I bury it within me.
5) And a high-five to all of you who get your Mother's Day gift free this year -- with Buy One For You, Get One For Mom! We're giving away free copies of Suburban Diva: From The Real Side Of The Picket Fence, by Tracey Henry with purchase. So go get 'em and give 'em!

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