Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mother-Daughter Fashion Issues

Got sent this notice for a Mother/Daughter fashion contest:
Do you share clothes with your mother or daughter—but sometimes clash about fashion choices? Tell us about your everyday wardrobe dilemmas and you and your mother or daughter could be the lucky pair to get solutions in a styling session with eBay Style Director, Constance White, and the Family Circle fashion team. Plus, you could win $3,000 for the perfect shareable wardrobe on eBay and a trip to New York City for a photo shoot and the chance to appear in an upcoming issue of Family Circle. For your chance to win, submit a photo or video of you and your mother or daughter, your ages and a short description of your experiences sharing your wardrobe.
I'm posting not just because y'all might find it worth entering or worth killing time reading the stories, but because it once again serves as a reminder just how damn different my relationship is with my Auspie.

Our clothing clashes, even though she is now 19, remain similar to those between parent and toddler: She wants to dress herself, but isn't at all concerned with how she'll look to others. I doubt that any fashion team would have a clue what to do. In fact, it would likely drive them to tears.

Thinking about it nearly drives me to tears.
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