Friday, June 10, 2005

Most Bloggy of Entries

I promise not to write about my cat's digestive issues, or how I have nothing to write, but from time to time I will make posts that are more of the snippet/link combinations simply because I am in a time crunch. Today is one of those days.

We've been having rummage sales to make more room in our basement -- in light of leaving 2 booths in the antique mall, our inventory grew faster than we could list it -- it runeth-over & we need some space. While I stood guard over the sale, hubby ran back & forth teaching the middle child, Destiny, how to ride her bike. As I tried not to watch her (she was extremely embarrassed & frustrated), I did notice how many passes he made up & down the block...

Since there's a-whole-lotta-bike-riding-goin'-on, we did have our first flat bike tire too. Hubby let Hunter watch as he took off the tire, exposing the balloon tube beneath. They both found the hole, and then later told Destiny all about it. Such men! lol

I am so lucky I am to have hubby. For so many reasons. But I was acutely aware of how much better he is at the 'Daddy Jobs' involving large muscle groups and tools.

I was also aware that this automatically leaves me the "body changes" talks -- because I'm the Mommy. Hopefully this is a ways off yet... The oldest still has issues with this, so I'm not looking forward to Round 2 of Girl Talk. (Though, oddly, I am interested in how it will go with the boy...)

In other news, let me gush about how brilliant hubby is. OK, being short on time, it's more like 'show you' what cool thing he's done now...
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