Thursday, August 11, 2005

"I Just Found Out"

It's just another rainy Thursday morning. We were scheduled to have another rummage sale (even had an ad in the paper), but when we awoke to a grey sky spewing water, we posted a sign with a 'rain date' and said we'd move on to other things.

We spend most of the morning talking shop, and then the hubby's cell phone told him he had voice mail (my thoughts on the stupidity of technology reserved for a later date). He calls in to listen to the 'missed call,' and then...

"Hi, it's (the ex-wife), I just found out I am getting married today."

She continues with her message inviting us to her wedding in the park (see opening paragraph on the weather), but frankly, I'm shocked. No, I am laughing. Laughing my a** off.

I mean, come on, you don't "just find out" you're getting married. And this is her phrasing. Repeated over & over again, as in "...again, I just found out, you are getting all the notice I'm getting".


Perhaps this was making things clearer for her, but it only made things that much more odd. I'll be back with my rational mommie thoughts in a bit, but for now, let's just enjoy the moment...

Top 5 Possible Scenarios In Which You Discover You Are Getting Married Today

Ed McMahon Shows Up At Your Door With Balloons And Invitation
And you don't even remember entering the contest.

Your Mail Order Groom Arrives With A 2 Days Left On His Green Card
There's no time to think, just 'do!'

You're Difficult To Throw A Surprise Birthday Party For
Your birthday's in January, your pals figure you'll never see this whole wedding thing coming.

You've Been Ignoring The 'Yellow' Notices In The Mail, But Now That You've Got A 'Pink' Notice, You Open It
Like those notices from the power company... Finally the warnings are over, and you have to comply.

You're Application For Survivor Found It's Way Into A FOX Producer's Hands
(Let's hope the cash compensation is worth it.)
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