Saturday, February 23, 2008

Feeling Blue? Put On Your Bra & High-Heeled Shoes

It seems lazy fashion habits may be a part of my fatigue and general malaise.

Slip says not wearing a bra can lead to depression -- and while she's got no science to back her up, I'm beginning to see the facts in my own 'working from home' life.

Also, it seems that Slip's found evidence that high-heeled shoes offer health benefits with some super improvements in your sex life too -- not that I'm suffering there. Yet.

But truth be told, while the motivation to work isn't a problem, the reality is that I do not dress like I am at work. While that once seemed a huge part of the appeal of working from home, I'm beginning to see/feel a slide in attitude and yes, I'll admit it, muscle tone. Thanks to Slip, I now have two simple things I can do to help turn things around.

From now on it would be appropriate for you to picture me wearing a bra & stilettos as I sit and type here. I'll have to wear at least a robe, otherwise I'm sure my sex life will consume my work time -- *giggle* -- but for now, it seems this will be my work attire.
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