Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chain Of Confidence: My Mom's A Strong Link!

It's not always easy to talk about your mother -- until you are older & wiser yourself. And it's not always easy write about your mother -- the idea of an "essay about your mother" sounds as trite as a "what I did on my summer vacation" school report. But I had to nominate my mother for the Tupperware Chain of Confidence Challenge -- because when it comes to instilling confidence, she's done the most to inspire me.

I encourage all of you to nominate your mom or another inspirational woman in your life. Not only is it a fabulous contest, but it's a nice way to make the time to say "thanks!" to people who deserve it.

It's also a fabulous exercise in being concise, because the contest essay may only be 1500 characters (not words) -- and the form's counter is off by a bit (even though the form said I had 2 characters to spare, it would not accept it until I hacked off a dozen more -- you've been warned lol)

To enter the contest, submit your written submission anytime from May 14th through August 14th 2009 at (You'll need to register or login first; simple and painless.)

Prizes will be awarded in three categories:

1. How has a Friend or Relative inspired you
2. How has a Tupperware Consultant/Director inspired you
3. Viewer's Choice (If you choose to let your story be public on the site, visitors can vote on it.)


• A $5,000 donation to a selected charitable organization chosen by the winning nominee so that they can pass it on in a way that will empower other women.
• Both nominator and nominee will each receive a Tupperware gift card valued at $1,000.
• Tupperware consultant/director winners will attend a Tupperware event in January 2010 where they will receive an official Chain of Confidence award.
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