Monday, July 02, 2007

Guarded Regarding Gardasil

Des' mom made her 'request' that Des get the new HPV vaccine. I was skeptical and suspicious of this new wonder drug; it was pushed through rather quickly. (Especially in Texas, where the lobbyist for the manufacturer is a pal of the governor. The manufacturer and the lobbyist stand to see lots of money from this mandatory vaccination of young women.)

While it's true that my Autism-spectrum daughter makes me re-think vaccinations in general (all my kids have their vaccinations, but I think about them long and hard because for every study which refutes a connection between Autism and vaccinations, another suggests it strongly), I was worried about Gardasil. What are the side-effects, long-term consequences? And why when most women's issues in this administration are completely, utterly ignored (or made worse) was this so quickly pushed through testing?

Seems I'm not crazy to be suspicious either.

I remain guarded against Gardasil and urge you all to be so as well.