Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Getting Fit With FitBit Flex

I got a FitBit, the FitBit Flex, for my birthday. You've probably read a lot about the FitBit, including some news stories and comedic commentary which might make you concerned about whether or not the FitBit actually works. I thought I'd share my experiences with it.

I first learned of the FitBit after my brother-in-law had a heart scare and my sister got him one to track his healthy habits. I thought it was a neat, yet pricey, gadget; but once back home in my own routine, I forgot about it. Until the "FitClip" was shown on an episode of Drop Dead Diva, and I was reminded of my interest.

My main interested in the FitBit, or any sort of activity tracking device, was because as a  work-from-home writer and antiques dealer, I was aware how sedentary I've become. No longer do I have any little kids to chase after -- and every flea market I was aware how out of shape I've become. So I wanted something that would both track my activity and remind me to move. After researching a few options, I went with the FitBit Flex. It was the best priced option for me. (And the ones that clip on your bra or belt, well, I knew I would forget to put them on everyday -- which is the whole point! Plus, wearing it on my wrist is a very real reminder to get moving.)

Overall, I am thrilled with the FitBit. It reminds me to get walking. It reminds me that I just need 200 more steps, so at 11:30 at night, I'll get up and take the dogs for a walk until the FitBit vibrates by victory. Waring the FitBit Flex reminds me to reconsider that extra snack. It even reminds me to eat breakfast, a meal I am notorious for skipping (which is horrible for your metabolism, body, and mind.) It's great motivation.

I don't, however, use the FitBit to document my food intake or calories. This seems to be the one area where some people are complaining that the FitBit fails. Seems the caloric intake calculator is not one size fits all and that they've gained weight. But that's a chronic issue with dieting, and mainly why I avoid using that. I simply want to get healthier by walking and moving more.

Yes, you can fake the steps by moving your arm or other devious dead. But it's like Stacy said on Drop Dead Diva, "How can i trust someone who commits fit clip fraud?!" Lying to myself doesn't achieve the goal to get moving.