Friday, October 22, 2010

Nothing Brings You Back To Blogging Like Winning An Award! (2010 Top 30 Parenting Special Needs Blogs Award)

This blog has just been named one of the Top 30 Parenting Special Needs Blogs, 2010 Award:

Parenting is difficult, but your child is far above the ordinary when it comes to solutions. How do you parent a child with special needs? How do you keep then safe and healthy? How do you combat others who don't understand and are far more willing to criticize than offer any "real" help? Where do you receive the information you need to understand your special needs child better? Fortunately, these award-winning blogs will help you on your journey to solutions; from at-home care to sending your child off into the world for school or work. How do you know what your child should be able to do at a certain ages of mental development? How can you encourage them to improve? How can you help them, and yourself, when discouraged? These blogs will help.

The winners were chosen through a scoring system that included Internet
nominations from readers, so thank you!

So now I'll do my best to get back to blogging here (but in my defense, we did move this summer and we're still not as settled in as I'd like).