Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Sock Is A Deadly Weapon

Smoking is indeed dangerous; but not exactly for the reasons we are pummeled with everyday.

I'll admit, I'm a spaz lighting a cig -- I can't wear gloves to do it, and in this weather, that makes the forced-to-go-outside-and-smoke thing a real bitch. God I hate the weather here.

But I had no idea that having part of my cherry fall onto my acrylic sock could be so painful. No, it didn't burn me -- but it did melt that part of my sock on which it landed into a hard plastic bit. I paid it no mind -- until that night, in my sleep, I used the top of my foot to rub the dry itchy skin on the back of my calf.

I did that scratching rub in my sleep really -- because this miserable weather makes your skin so dry, you get used to itching it in your sleep. But woke up to pain as the formerly melted spot hardened into a razor-sharp bit of plastic which cut my leg. And, in case you think I'm an exaggerating whiner, here's the resulting gash on my leg.

Not only is it nearly 4 inches long, but this photo was taken two days after it happened.