Monday, October 08, 2012

Adopt Steve The Pit Bull Cross!

I cannot have another dog right now, but I really want this dog named Steve.

I know, I know; "Steve" isn't the name I go for in a dog. Or give a dog. My dogs are named Toodles Squirrel-Face Davidson III and Mr. Oliver T. Puddington. But read on, you'll see why I am so enamoured...

Steve's available at a a Fargo-Moorhead dog rescue right now. (I only looked because I saw a commercial on TV and wasn't sure if the group was local or not -- I swear!) Anyway, Steve is an awesome looking dog -- and his foster family writes the such entertaining things about him, he's won me over:
Steve thinks that he is too sexy for his collar but not TOO sexy for you! He wants to be your boy!

Steve is also highly intelligent, as his *enormous* head might suggest.

Do you ever watch a dog in motion and marvel at the perfect synchronization of muscle, agility and grace? Well, that's not Steve but what he lacks in coordination, he makes up in character and an unabashed joy for life.
For those that worry about a Pit Bull cross, don't. They are sweet dogs. It's people, as usual, who ruin them.

If you adopt Steve, let me know -- I'd love to visit him!