Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bonding Over Cat Hair & The Adventures Of Raising Banana Girl

Out walking the mall I spotted several cute things at the local Hallmark shop, and when I took a picture of this mug, I thought I'd post it at Kitschy Kitschy Coo.

But then, in looking for a link to the mug maker's site (Our Name Is Mud), I discovered the blog (Our Name Is Blog) of Lorrie Veasey, the creative force behind the designs. And I got lost in her post Our Name Is Blog: OuR SCHooL iS CHooL, in which she tries to get her children, Complicated Boy and The Banana (aka The Spawn), into a private school. After Complicated Boy was rejected, they tried again:
So we pinned our hopes on The Banana to pave the way into a fine institution of learning. Except the actress Molly Shannon was present in our group interview, and while we had all been told beforehand to dress our children in casual playclothes, her ginger haired daughter arrived in A Red Sequined Dress. RED SEQUINS. So nobody noticed when Banana created an exact replica of the Parthenon in the block area. Everybody was looking at Molly Shannon to see if she would smell her armpits, and when they weren't looking there they were looking at THE RED SEQUIN DRESS. We didn't get in there either.
Smitten I am; Veasy isn't a one-mug-wonder of amusement.

I then thought I'd write this all up at Kitsch Slapped because of the pop culture craziness... And how I now feel the need to go back and buy the "Everything Tastes Better With Cat Hair In It!" mug simply because I now feel somehow bonded to its creator -- over parenting. (Somehow it makes sense to me... To enjoy my cat-hair infested beverage, sipping and remembering that time my friend Lorrie told me that story of trying to get her kids into private school.)

But then I realized that this here blog has been rather ranty lately and maybe you'd all enjoy a good grin (perhaps a hearty chuckle too).

Plus, I can then remind you all why this blog often gets ignored: I'm busy writing elsewhere. All. The. Time.

But I wasn't too busy to ignore Lorrie Veasey's request to sign the petition to help The Spawn of Veasey's school. You aren't either. So sign it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Know Sex Ed Is Really Bad When...

Cosmo can't even get it right. In their instructions for Sex Position of the Day: Sensual Shower, their diagram for how to achieve erotic thrills literally misses the mark -- the genitals don't even line up.

I guess the abstinence folks will start distributing this sort of diagram to prevent copulation; but I'm sure, in their frustration, people will just assume the missionary.

For more help in accurately discussing sex with your kids, check out the marvelous Beyond The Birds & The Bees.