Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For The (un)Love Of Black Fashions

TwitterMoms has posted yet another contest, this one on children's fashions:
To participate, simply write a post on your own blog that shows us your kid’s style! Feel free to upload photos, videos, etc. of your kids showing off their style in their favorite outfits. The only requirement we ask is that your post includes at least one link to so your readers can see their colorful new summer collection. Then return to this discussion page, post a comment below summarizing your blog post, and include an active link to your qualifying blog entry.
I've recently written about Destiny and her obsession with black clothing -- again, not "goth" but "rocker style" -- and I'd love to get her into something less, well, obsessive. I don't so much mind such dress as I do the "black is a requirement" dealio McBob. See how cute she is as The Fonz!? Adorable!

Summer is about the only time I can get her to consider other colors. I remind her of how hot black is in the sun and she considers a few pieces that aren't black. If I actually won a gift certificate, I could probably steer her towards this monkey tee, maybe some solid color bermuda shorts... The trick with a tween is to not suggest it -- unless it's at a "this or nothing" point. (They always take something rather than nothing!)

But the only way I'm likely to get a gift certificate, is if y'all leave lots of comments (and comments about your kids' fashion style or your troubles about how your kid dresses); so consider it, will ya?


TwinHappyJen said...

LOL... she is too cool!

Anonymous said...

Aw, she's beautiful! When my 14 y/o daughter was 11 & 12 she was very into black. Never considered any other color. It was frustrating. She is now getting her girlie taste back, YAY! Don'tcha just love kid phases??