Monday, August 03, 2009

Still Guarded Regarding Gardasil

Remember when I blogged about Gardasil? Well, Des started the vaccine -- against my wishes; it's hard for step-moms to out-vote biological parents & a physician pushing it.

My thoughts on the Bush nepotism aside (you know I've never been a fan); my thoughts on the sexism in this vaccine (males are carriers & "vectors" of HPV, but they neither have a vaccine nor a requirement to take it) aside; seems there's enough concern about the vaccine to warrant CNN attention on Empowered Patient. Check out all the conversation regarding the Gardasil controversies at TwitterMoms.

I do hope the conversation will stay way from the moral majority/Christian BS (young women & men have the right to the facts, not be forcefed your belief systems, thankyouverymuch) and focus on what matters: the health of our children & young women, so I've sent in my email.

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