Saturday, September 08, 2007

I Discover The Joy Of Junk Yards

I've been to lots of junk sales, junk shops, and even own a lot of junk, but I've never been to the places where autos go to die.

A few weeks ago, in search of a pair of new-to-us doors for our Ookla, our conversion van, I broke my junk yard cherry.

Dirty? Yes. Hotter than heck that day? Yes. But girls, if you ever get the chance (are forced) to go the the salvage yard, go. Even the wheelbarrow race we had (though difficult to call a winner -- what with us each having a different sort of wheelbarrow to cart our door) was fun.

It's an amazing wonderland full of strange and unusual sites.

Yes, I'd seen those scrunched blocks of condensed radiators, but as they shown there in the sunlight, stacked incredibly high, they rivaled any metal sculptures I'd ever seen.

And I had no idea what to make of the way vehicles were piled...

Surely no one could salvage anything off a truck placed precariously on top of other vehicles, rendering all in the stack useless. But fantastic things to see nevertheless.

Ditto on those vehicles which were place on top of dumpsters. (What was inside the dumpsters? Why place a truck half-on, half-off?)

Overall, it makes your mind reel to see cars, vans and trucks in such improbable positions.

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