Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Coke Punishments

As you know, I grudgingly use My Coke Rewards.

Coke has made some changes to the program. The good news is that they finally let you print your coupons rather than wait for (and have the added cost & wastes of) mail. The bad news is that they have ended the one free 12-pack for 100 points.

Now you need 200 points to buy one 12-pack, get one 12-pack free. That sucks. Or, it's 35 points for $1 off. Which also sucks.

Bring back the free stuff, you bastards. I pay plenty for my Dt. Coke as it is -- & am punished with your slow flash site for participating in your points program. You make more than enough profit; just let me get a free 12-pack every 10 purchases.

Or I'll switch to another product. Maybe even tap water. You make nothing off that.

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