Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Hate My Coke Rewards So Much

The coupons you print on the site (which I originally thought was a "hooray, it's green!" move) are not accepted by my local grocers.

So now, it's all just a cluster-fuck unless you want to use your points to buy Coke advertising premiums.

Since some of you are Coke collectors, I suppose that's fine. Me? I just want free (or, grudgingly will accept, discounted) pop.

There are two results of this:

1) I continue to ween myself off of Coke products. (Totally what you wanted with your loyalty program, right Coke?)

and 2) I will be ridding myself worth of months of Coke points. (Details to be announced at Things Your Grandmother Knew; stay tunned there.)

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